Patton Township Junior High School, Allegheny County, PA 1939

Patton Township Junior High School, Allegheny County, PA 1939

Listed as a New School Building in 1939. "The current school year witnessed the opening of a new Junior High School in Patton Township. The building is of red brick and contains six classrooms in addition to a home economics room, an industrial arts shop, a science laboratory, a library, a gymnasium, an auditorium, shower and locker room, a health room, and an office. This construction made possible the closing of a one-room school and a four-room portable building as well as the relief of crowded conditions which existed in all of the elementary schools. The Public Works Administration aided with the financing of the building, which cost approximately $130,000.00

Photo and information from the School Report of Allegheny County, PA for the year ending July 1st, 1939

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