Daniel & Eve (Noon) Reighard Family

Daniel & Eve (Noon) Reighard Family

Front Row: Daniel Reighard, Sr, Alice Reighard Eve Reighard, John Reighard

Back Row: Emanuel Reighard, William Reighard Daniel Reighard, Jr., Sarah Reighard, Rose Belle Reighard
Photo in Mineral Point about 1887

Rose Belle Reighard

Hello aoldsalt,

Ran across this picture looking old pictures of Mineral Point, Pa. If my info is correct, Rose Belle Reighard married John H. Neville (my great grandparents X3) and had a daughter named Anne Neville who married Slyvester P. Boxler (my great grand parents x2). Anne and Slyvester had one son named John H. Boxler (my grandfather). After Anne and Slyvester's young deaths, John H. Boxler went to live with Rose Belle. My father's name is Slyvester D. Boxler of Mineral Point, Pa.

I am looking for more info on this part of my family and hope you maybe able to share more.

Thanks for the posting,

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