Emanuel Reighard


Hi, How are Emanuel and David related?

Do you have any info on the Clarence Rorabaugh line who entered by marrying Margaret Beals, the daughter of Laura Jean Reighard Beals, and grand daughter of Emanuel Reighard?

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Emanuel Reighard and David ?

I would like to help you with info but am not sure of the name David. Perhaps a husband of one of the Rorabaugh daughters? Clarence and Margaret were my Uncle and Aunt. Laura Beals was my Grandmother

I'm sorry for such a delayed reply but had not been to this site in sometime.

I have a genealogy book that lists the Rorabaugh family and there is mention of a David L Marsh married to Joyce.

If I can help you further my email is oldtincansailor@yahoo.com.

Keith Mcelroy

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