Sugarcreek, PA School Students, abt 1902

Sugarcreek, PA School Students, abt 1902

Photo taken at the Sugarcreek School, Venango County, PA, abt 1902.

Front row, second from the last (on the right side), Winifred Aletta Finch

Top row, the first boy is her brother Charles E. Finch and the second boy Harold E. Finch.

All three are the children of Henry Charles Finch and Emily Aletta Booher. The other children and teacher are unknown.

Submitted by Samuel P. De Luca, second great grandson of Henry Charles Finch and Rachel Aletta Booher

Booher change to Bowser ???

My grand mother was Christina Bowser. My father mentioned Sugarcreek often.
my genealogy page lists the Bowser book

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