Henry Hufnagel and his Grandchildren

Henry Hufnagel and his Grandchildren

Henry Hufnagel and most of his grandchildren. Photo taken about 1952.

Clem Hufnagel is in the first row, last one on the right.

Mike "Hank" Hufnagel is in the same row, 4th from the left.

familly name

its amazing how far the familly name Hufnagel is worldwide spread

My Dad was born in Hungary and his ancestors came from center of germany in 1725, the origin city was Mainz.

Hufnagel family

Hi Henry,
My mother, Irene, (nee Hufnagel) was born in Bonyhad, Hungary. She often spoke of an older sister who emigrated to Canada, and of an older brother who went to the USA.
My grandfather, Henrik Hufnagel, was born (10 Feb 1874)at Bonyhad in Hungary, and died in 1927(?).

Hope to hear from you,

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