Miss Wagner

Miss Wagner

The writing on the back of the photograph looks like Eumana or Ennana Wagner. She was probably in her late teens at the time of this photo.

Photo taken at the Sunbeam Gallery at the Corner of 7th & State Streets in Erie, PA, late 1890s - early 1900s.

Do you recognize Miss Wagner? Please let me know.

Photo of Jessie PORTER YENTZER

I don't have a comment on Miss Wagner but wanted info on another one of your photos which isn't on this website. You posted information on a photo of Jessie PORTER YENTZER that was taken by Gleim Studio. Do you still have it? My relative owned the studio and would love to see one of his photos

wagner photo

Could it be Elenora Wagner on the back? She was born in May of 1890

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