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Kinderman School Students, Brady Township, Clearfield Co., PA 1930

Kinderman School Students, Brady Township, Clearfield Co., PA 1930

Students at the Kinderman School, Brady Township, Clearfield County, Pennsylvania in 1930.

This was a one-room school located between Luthersburg and Troutville. The photo belongs to Jim Bonsall.

Front Row (seated) from left to right: Edgar Faudie, Lloyd Keller*, Ed Bankoski, Blair Marshall, James Bonsall, Earl Schindley, Fred Bankoski.

Second Row: Wallace Bonsall, Ed Hummel, Theodore Keller, Annabelle Gearhart, Pauline Bankoski, Viola Koppenhaver, Helen Bankoski, Homer Faudie.

Third Row: James Marshall, John Kinderman, Oleta Marshall, Vergie Muth, Mildred Faudie, Nellie Schindley, Stella Bankoski, Blanche Keller* and Eunice Aurand, the teacher.

Back Row: William Schindley, Carl Marshall, Clyde Keller, Zelma Schindley, Edith Salada, Edna Keller*.

(Keller could be Kellar)

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