George Riddle Allen and Family

George Riddle Allen and Family

George Riddle Allen and family, in a portrait taken Thanksgiving 1920 in Woodburn, Oregon. Although this portrait was taken after the family moved to Oregon in 1905, this family has deep Lawrence Co. roots. George Riddle Allen was the son of James Blakely Allen and Isabella Leslie Allen, of Allen's Mill on the Slippery Rock Creek, and grandson of John Allen, Esq. a Lawrence County Justice of the Peace at one time.

Back Row, left to right: James Bruce Allen, Walter Sellers, Norman Allen, Raleigh Jones.

Middle Row left to right: Clarence 'Shorty' Allen, Lena Allen Sellers, Miriam Jane 'Jennie' Bruce Allen, George Riddle Allen, Sarah Allen Jones.

Front Row: Frank Sellers, Virginia Jones, Fred Sellers, Golda Sellers.

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