Henry Silver Wedding Anniversary

Henry Silver Wedding Anniversary

Charles and Ruth Aaron Henry 25th anniversary photo, Aug 2, 1942.

Those identified in the photo:
Alva Leroy Henry
Ed Henry
Norbert Reinsel
Amber Reinsel
Charles Meneley Henry holding Farley grandchild
Virginia Reinsel
Mark B. Aaron
Charles W. Henry
John Farley Jr.
Fay Henry Farley pregnant with Rosie Farley
Agnes Aaron Henry
Arlene Aaron
Charles Norbert Reinsel
Cletus Reinsel
Samuel Reeves Henry
Paul Louis "Jake" Henry
Maxine George
Josephine George
Doris Kathryn Henry
Ida Viola Henry
Norman Hepler (Carrie's boy)
Forrest Glenn Henry
Richard Kahle holding Gary Kahle
Elsie Florence Harriger
Opal Joan Henry holding Dona Jean Henry (little girl)
Josephine Cyphert Reinsel
Charles Francis Reinsel
Clyde Aaron holding daughter Delores
Grace Clinger Aaron
Frances Aaron

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