Delp School 1909

Delp School 1909

Delp School, Monroe Township, Clarion County, 1909.

In the photograph, relatives of Patrick Henry:

Henry, Agnew E. M. (1st cousin twice removed)
Fox, Kitty
Bashline, Leslie (Husband of the 1st cousin twice removed)
Moore, Nettie (Wife of the granduncle)
Frampton, Edyth, teacher
Fox, Bert
Magness, Rimer
Henry, Bertha M. (1st cousin twice removed)
Harriger, Elsie Florence (paternal Grandmother)
Kirkpatrick, Bessie
Henry, Allie Estella "Alla Stella" (1st cousin twice removed)
Magness, Emery
Bashline, Mae
Henry, Ida B. (1st cousin twice removed)
Henry, Roy W. (1st cousin twice removed)
Henry, Velvie O. (1st cousin twice removed)
Henry, Anna Mae (Grandaunt)
Harriger, Russell Forest (Granduncle)

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