Osborne Daughters 1907

Osborne Daughters 1907

Blanch Osborne Constable, right in the middle on top.

To her left is her older sister Zelma, and to her right a cousin whose last name is believed to be Wagner.

Directly below Blanch is her sister Phyllis and to Phyllis' left is Clarice.

Blanch, Zelma, Phyllis and Clarice were the daughters of James Moffett Osborne and his wife, Susannah Neal, the daughter of Robert C. Neal and Catherine Keller of Dubois.

Only Blanch survived to have children. Weeks after the photo was taken, Clarice died from a viral infection, then Phyllis in a fire. Zelma was murdered in her 8th mo. of pregnancy by her drunk husband.

Submitted by Scott Benlevi, great grandson of James Moffett Osborne and Susannah Neal, grandson of Blanch Osborne Constable

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