Northampton, PA High School Class of 1923

Northampton, PA High School Class of 1923

Senior Class Roll, in alphabetical order:

Irene Ben Venuti, Mildred A. Ben Venuti, Garrett Beck Conover, Edith Louise Deibert, Adelaide Amelia Frack, Ruth Caroline Gackenbach, Louis Eben Glass, Samuel Franklin Gougher, Verna Jacoby Gruver, George Hahn, Marian Evelyn Hall, Florence Viola Hoffman, Marguerite Jeanette Kline, George Leon Koch, Hannah Josephine Kopenhaver, Erma Ruth Miller, Lillian Claire Miller, Myron Herbert Reinert, Elizabeth Arabella Rice, Ruth Huhn Richards, George Caron Rizner, Victor Thomas Roth, Leonore Rupp, Raymond Calvin Shoemaker, Carl Lloyd Smith, Charles Samuel Snyder, Paul Steven Thomas, Edith N. Cherington Wolf, Emailine Caroline Worley, and Ruth Abigail Young.

Photo from the 1923 Amptennian, Northampton High School Yearbook.

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