Northampton, PA High School Class of 1925

Northampton, PA High School Class of 1925

The Northampton High School Class of 1925 photographed in 1923 when they were Sophomores at the high school.

Sophomore Class Roll, in no particular order:

Joseph Buchina, Ralph Braker, Lester Burkhardt, Nora Beers, Herbert Conover, Edgar Kline, Monroe Coleman, Wilfred Dunstan, William Dries, Jonas Fogel, Wilbur Hill, Robert Kohler, Ralph Koch, Saul Kivert, Glen Laudenberger, Jack Lutton, James Ludwig, Harry Troxell, Otto Miller, Frank Molesky, John Misko, Russell Marsh, Myles Miller, Henry Miller, Morris Miller, Arthur Praetorius, Graden Praetorius, Paul Peters, Arthur Rabert, Paul Renner, Fred Reiter, Monroe Rice, Arthur Schaeffer, Herbert Sharfman, Robert Smith, William Solan, Joseph Stofflet, Foster Schaeffer, Robert Schaeffer, Harvey Siegfried, Roland Fehnel, Russel Wieand, Paul Ward, Robert Wedde, Paul Wolfgang, Harold Young, and Raymond Weider.

Photo from the 1923 Amptennian, Northampton High School Yearbook.

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