Northampton, PA High School Class of 1924

Northampton, PA High School Class of 1924

The Northampton High School Class of 1924 photographed in 1923 when they were Juniors at the high school.

Junior Class Roll (in no particular order)

Academic course: Anna Kelly, Marian Kline, Lillian Laros, Margaret Meighan, Dorothy Nicholas, Catherine Prye, Arthur Benson, William Hartzell, Wesley Kuntz, and Edgar Lane.

General course: John Bauer, Jesse Herbster, Charles Knelly, Clayton Roth, Joseph Smith, and Willard Snyder.

Commercial course: Lillian Beil, Marguerite Berg, Ruth Boyer, Irene Eckert, Mable Frable, Mae Gougher, Adele Heyman, Dorothy Hilbert, Ruth Hills, Dorothy Kern, Ruth Koch, Marguerite Kocher, Elsie Kocher, Verna Lerch, Ethel Mohrey, Helen O'Loughlin, Julia Piatak, Evelyn Peters, Lillian Stettler, Erwin Braker, George Dilliard, Enos Eckhart, Warren Mantz, Wilbert Marsh, George Reichard, and Franklin Rice.

Photo from the 1923 Amptennian, Northampton High School Yearbook

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