Milliken and Troth Family

Milliken and Troth Family

Front row, youngest children seated

Second row, Mary Elizabeth Troth, in white dress, seated sideways, daughter of Nell and George Troth, and Mary G. Milliken, honoree.

Third row, fifth person from the left, directly behind Mary G. Milliken, is Martha D. Troth, wife of George Troth, Jr. Last person on far right is Nell Elizabeth Milliken Troth.

Fourth row, second person, first lady, face partially hidden, is Helen Grace Peirsel Troth, wife of Ted Troth.

Fifth row, first person on far left, with snow white hair and face partially hidden, George Jeffries Troth, Sr. Tallest person in this row, on far right, in dark suit, is George Milliken Troth.

Sixth row, man in middle, in light or white suit, is Edward Storey "Ted" Troth.

Submitted by Darryl Higginbotham, Darryl is married to Susan Lee Troth Higginbotham, the great granddaughter of Mary G Milliken, granddaughter of George Jeffries Troth Sr. and Nell Elizabeth Milliken Troth and daughter of Edward Storey "Ted" Troth and Helen Grace Peirsel Troth

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