Students at One Room School House, No. 17, Hickory, PA

Students at One Room School House, No. 17, Hickory, PA

The first grade class at the one room school house #17 located on South Keel Ridge Rd in 1950–1951. At that time there were two classes in the school, first and second grade. Hickory maintained a second one room school at that time on South Neshannock Rd.

The teacher at #17 was Eva Parker, who died from pneumonia at the age of 96 in 2002.

Back row – left to right, Melvin Meade, Eddie Hazen, Dyanne Martinko, Ronnie Engle, Gloria Golub, Carol Parker, Naomi Boyd, Donald Mezaras, Kathy Metz, Harry Cannon, Jim Heckathorne, Fred Greene

Second row, Sammy Rowe, Chester Taylor, Bobby Smith, Bobby Thompson, Bobby Osborne, Arthur Gill

Front row, Terry Taggert, Russel Laird, Jerry Laird, Terry Miller

Complements – Mrs. George Rowe

Submitted by Bob Thompson, photo courtesy of Sam Rowe

Donald Meszaros

Donald is my husband's father :)

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