1943 Blanket Hill School, Armstrong County PA

1943 Blanket Hill School, Armstrong County PA

My dad, (William)Billy Schall is the boy with blond hair in the front row, 2nd from the right. His sister Jean is in 3rd row back, extreme right, sister Catherine is next to her.

Back row: Charles Baker, Purn Gidle, Bobby Decker, Charles Boyer

Row 2: Martha Boarts, Mazenna Boher, Jean Kimple, Fredia Essig, Allene Gidel

Row 3: Ralph S, Bobby Boyer, Thomas Miller, Glenn Gidel, Joyce Baker, Donald Hankey, Catharene Schall, Jean Schall

Row 4: Patty Emert, Roy Kimple, Mary Boyer, Richard, Boarts, Larry Boarts, Junior Hawk, Harold Boarts

Row 5: Lloyd S., Bobby Hambley, Dale Boutts, Billy Schall, Reed S.

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