Lock Haven State Teachers College 1936 State Champions Football Team

Lock Haven State Teachers College 1936 State Champions Football Team

On the team (and probably in the photograph): William Hodrick, Harry Smith, Leonard Johnsonis (front row, 6th from right, number 45), George Hoffnagle, Edward Hochrein (center row, 2nd from left, number 5), Thomas Conrad (front row, 10th from left, number 43), William McCollum, Jack Yohe, John Goles, Faulcon Blankenship (center row, 10th from left, number 12), William Hopkins, Peter Mollura, Robert Mannion, Leroy Spotts (front row, 12th from left, number 18), George Frethy, R. Weaver, Albert Brazinski, William Brown, John Brown, Edward Kolner (front row, 2nd from right, number 44), Walter Montague (center row, 8th from left, number 1), John Nevins (center row, 11th from left, number 37) , Horace Thomas (center row, 9th from left, number 8), James Hopkins, Kruper, Esposito (front row, 3rd from left, number 46), Mann, Kalinowski (center row, 3rd from right, number 14)

Coaches J. Wynn Fredericks and W. Max Bossert

The names of the rest of the players and the managers are unknown.

Photo from the 1937 Praeco Yearbook of Lockhaven State Teachers College

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