Sharon, PA High Students, Sophomores, 1941-42

Sharon, PA  High Students, Sophomores, 1941-42

Sophomores, 1941-42 Room 205

Front Row: Margie Cline, L. Cashdollar, Mary Margaret Brown, Gloria Delores Carlson, Lillian Casbard, Ruth Cerbus, R. Costell, Agnes Margaret Carson, S. Brooks, B. Clayton, Betty Lou Brest

Second Row: Donald Eugene Clark, Robert Irwin Dezen, W. Colt, F. Jean Burns, Harriet Jane Burns, M. Bozzo, Kathryn Helen "Kitty" Callahan, Shirley Jane Chiverton, J. Bycroft, Albert Cimperman, Joseph P. Donnelly

Third Row: Charles Howard Davies, R. Costell, Lawrence DeNoble, W. Dale, Kenneth John Davis, R. Dunn, F. Dugan, M. Darlington
Fourth Row: J. Cunning, R. Christenson, R. Daniels, H. Cull, T. Clyde.

Many of these students were a part of the Sharon High School Graduating Class of 1944.

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