Evans City, PA High School Class of 1928

Evans City, PA High School Class of 1928

Photographed when they were juniors in 1927.

In the class (and probably in the photograph):
Jane Barnhart, Margaret Beahm, Leah Cooper, Irene Erwin, Maren Gilbert, Ruth Goehring, Annabelle Irwin, Elsie Kummer, Grace Lackey, Alda Liken, Elizabeth Marburger, Lucille Marburger, Genevieve Nixon, Catherine Nolsheim, Llewillya Nolsheim, Elizabeth Peterson, Gertrude Peterson, Kathryn Schoeffel, Mildred Sproat, Ruth Ziegler, Arthur Brueckman, Elder Graham, Ray Graham, Harold Lotz, Leroy Lucas, Donald McMillan, James Sharrar

Photo from the 1927 Ec-Hi-Scan yearbook of Evans City High School

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