Wampum, PA Seventh Graders 1953

Wampum, PA Seventh Graders 1953

The students would graduate Wampum High School in 1958.

First row, left to right - Ronald Ferrucci, Charles Huffman, Samuel Dicianno, Gary Jay, Samuel Shurlock, Robert McMichael

Second row - Jay Raisley, Betty Moore, Loretta Esolda, Anna Louise Pacielle, Carol Cook, Grace Fabich, Thelma Edwards

Third row - Virginia Ryan, Rita Zieve, Nancy Winter, Betty Lee Yeager, Donald Haines, Levis Curry

Fourth row - Edith Ketterer, William Jones, Perry Leanord, Phyllis Wright, Dorothy Galbreath, James Clark

Fifth row - Mary Jane Capalbo, Charles Brommer, Bruce Cosgrove, Frank Brophy, Nancylee Market, Mr. Theodore L. Davis - teacher

Photo from the 1953 Wam-pa-hi Yearbook of Wampum High School

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