Muncy, PA High School 1961 Football Team

Muncy, PA High School 1961 Football Team

Left to right: Paul Brown, Porter Rathmel, John Konkle, Bill Malloy, Harold Lowe, Steve Musser, Bill Scott, Tom Ott, Carl Clark, Rich Opp, Kevin Kennedy, Steve Rathmell

Second row: Butch Frick, John Young, Tom Brittain, Mat White, Gary Stutzman, Jim Stroup, Lee Houseknecht, Garry Burgard, Carman Mack, Roger Rathmell, Mike Peterman, Scott Zerbe

Third row: Scotty Decker, Steve Poust, Harold Soars, Mike Myers, Bob Pidgeon Jan Banghart, Jeff Foley, Butch Edwards, Ron Speary, Charles Neiderberger, Darl Miller, Tim Gruver, Larry Lowe

Fourth row: Mr. Zukauckas - coach, Mr. Kniley - coach, Jay Shievely, Bob Deitrick, Rich Frisch, Eddie Heincelman, John Miller, Pete Robbins, Dale Wilson, Don Wilt, Mr. Schuyler - coach

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