Construction on the P&S Railroad at Dora, PA

Construction on the P&S Railroad at Dora, PA

Photo from an old Picture Postal Card. On the side is printed “Scene on the P & S. R. R. near Dora, PA.” [Pittsburgh & Shawmut Railroad]

On the back is written, “Apr. 27, 1910, Grandpa, here you can see Charl Reed’s house they are building trussels down this way. Come up and I will take you up along the road to see it all. Percy E. Snyder”

It is addressed to: L. C. Shaffer, New Maysville, PA. [Lewis C. Shaffer, New Maysville is now Mayport, PA.]

The house and buildings in the photograph are on the farm of Charles and Abby Michael Reed.

Submitted by Clarence R. Shirey, great grandson of Lewis Shaffer. Permission granted for use on this site only.

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