Loomis House, Clarion, PA

Loomis House, Clarion, PA

Loomis House, now the Capt. Loomis Hotel, Main & 6th Ave., Clarion, PA. The balcony no longer exists and the first floor entrance has all been renovated. The first floor is a Restaurant & back is a bar today with eating tables out on the sidewalk on left side in 2001- poles are gone and trees now line the street on both side. This is the view from Main Street and to left is 6th Avenue, going towards the Court House. Fires over the years have destroyed some of the original buildings in this block.

Post marked Sept. 11, 1909.

Reverse side of postcard: Addressed to Mr. C. E. Burris, Gibsonburg, Ohio. $.01 postage stamp on it postmark 7:30 AM

Message on reverse reads: “P.S. I wrote this as I was standing on main street so excuse lead pencil scribbling as I am in a hurry for the parade will soon be. [written above message]

“Hello Elmer, this is the hotel where we were this summer. There is a big circus today I am going this afternoon. I am well hope this finds you the same. Alfrey”

Punctuation and spellings transcribed as written.

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