New Salem Elementary Two Room School

New Salem Elementary Two Room School

New Salem Elementary Two-Room School. The old one Room school was torn down in 1918, and Joseph H. Shaffer & John Reitz, built this two-room school in the fall of 1919 it opened as a Two-Room School.

When the school was built it had indoor restrooms, but due to the kids throwing shoes, boots, etc. in the facilities they discontinued them and made the students use the old outhouses. There was a basement under the “Big Room” on left (only) and the “Little Room” is on the right. It closed in the fall of 1963, and was torn down in 1965.

Submitted by Clarence R. Shirey, who attended grades 1-6 at the New Salem Elementary School. Permission granted for use on this site only. Photograph reproduced in New Salem Elementary School – Photograph Memories, 1997.

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