school - J. C. Kester, Brockwayville, PA

school - J. C. Kester, Brockwayville, PA

This photo was found at the Humphresy-Terwilliger farm in Millcreek Twp, Clarion Co, PA. It was not labeled. It was taken by J. C. Kester of Brockwayville, PA. The mount color is dark green and the words are gold.

Nancy Margaret Humphrey Terwilliger (1869-1919) lived on the farm, and before she married she taught in one-room schools. She attended Dayton Soldiers' Orphans School in Dayton, Armstrong Co, PA from 1 Sep 1882-20 Jun 1885 and was married to Orin Burton Terwilliger on 28 Jul 1890 in Brookville. I think this is probably one of the schools she taught at between her graduation and marriage.

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