Orr School Clarion County, PA 1913

Orr School Clarion County, PA  1913

Orr School 1913
names noted on separate paper

Paul Neil
Win George
Glenn George
Bertha Conner
Mervin Smith
Cecelia Kindle
Josy Kindle
Archie Kindle

Eva Riley – teacher
Julius Kindle
Clara Orr
Josephine Conner
Ethel Zagst
Jessie George
Orville Smith

Lawrence Smith
Audrey Orr
Rachel Zagst
Sarah Orr

Gertrude Conner
Ernest Smelt
Wilbur Baughman
Rose Zagst
Lewis Baughman
Hazel Neil
Ruth George
Lewis Zagst
Margaret Conner
Jessie Kindle
Margaret Zagst
Helen Frampton

Mable Baughman
Tom Kindle
Theodore George
John Orr
Blaine Booth

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