Canonsburg PA High School class of 1908

Canonsburg PA High School class of 1908

Estep Walter
Farrar Will
Giles Alice
Greer Lucille
Matthews Ethel
McConnell Myrtle
McMillen Mary
McNary Bertha
McNary Cornelius
Morgan Clara
Taylor Bell
Wassum Harry
Weaver Mary
Whitely Altha
Young Blanche

Cannonsburg High School class of 1908

Farrar Will 1908
Giles Alice 1908
Greer Lucille 1908
Matthews Ethel 1908
McConnell Myrtle 1908
McMillen Mary 1908
McNary Bertha 1908
McNary Cornelius 1908
Morgan Clara 1908
Taylor Bell 1908
Wassum Harry 1908
Weaver Mary 1908
Whitely Altha 1908
Young Blanche 1908

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