Luella K. Cauffiel


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I believe I am related to the Daniel Maddox Cauffiel heritage

I am daughter of Ford B. Cauffiel. I have read our genealogy and I recognize the Daniel Maddox Cauffiel name. I would have to look in the book to see the exact relationship... let me know if you want to know more.
Sheree E.

Posted by Sheree Cauffiel Englehardt (not verified) on 19 February 2008 - 12:47am
Ford B. Cauffiel

Yes, I would be interested in information about Ford B. Cauffiel. I do have a Ford Cauffiel listed as son of Lowell J. & Edna L. Bevard from Ohio. While I am not directly connected to him, as his line goes to its roots, we have a common ancestor Solomon Nunemaker Hammer and his wife Ellizabeth Barefoot. You man contact me at if the Ford you mention is the same one.

Posted by SylviaHottSonneborn on 29 February 2008 - 12:59am