Waynesburg, PA High School 1936 Baseball Squad

Waynesburg, PA High School 1936 Baseball Squad

On the team (and probably in the photograph): Fred Tustin, Mike Hoy, Charles Rattigan, Edward McCurdy, Nicky George, Joseph George, Cary Rush, Fred High, Ralph Edgar, Leo Henderson, George Clelland, Oscar Alfred, George Combs, Avarelle Lemley, William Chapman, Albert Howard, Donovan Wise, Robert Lippencott, Howard Grimm, Joseph Wildman, Melvin Biggs, Frank Jamison, Richard Jamison, Fred Moses, Carl Schreiber, Ralph Tennant, George Greco, Howard Finch, Milton Jones, Manuel Levine, James Thompson, Arthur Wright

Managers - Richard Jamison, Roy Helphenstine, Ralph Haught.

Photo from the 1936 Oracle Yearbook of Waynesburg High School

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