Maple Drive School Second Grade, Hickory Township 1947

Maple Drive School Second Grade, Hickory Township 1947

Second graders at Maple Drive School, Hickory Township, Mercer County, PA, in 1947.

As named on the back of the photograph:
Front row, left to right: Arlene Graham, Leon Blum, Jerry Elliot, Bobby Gill, Harold Nightwine, Billy Delhunty, Richard Gibner, Jerry Barber, Kieth Bobby, Harold Atkerson, and Martha Kilgore.

Second row: Patsy Kay Bell, Carol Herm, Betty Carnahan, Donna Moore, Katherine Elliot, Virginia Weaver, Dorothy Elliot, Robert ____, Robert Renner and the teacher, Miss Eakin.

Third row: Joyce Kelly, Harriet Earle, Ann Louise Herron, Sally Elberty, Barbara Krevash, Wilma Jones, Helen Fitzgerald, Janice Gibner, Myra ____, Judith Faultner, and Tommy Dearny.

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