Sharpsville, PA High School Class of 1929

Sharpsville, PA High School Class of 1929

In the class (and probably in the photograph): Isabel Bernard Manning, Patricia Biggins Petrini, Charles Bilkey, Stanley Bronson, Clyde Brown, Jr., Margaret Cain Johnston, Marie Cleary McCracken, Richard Cutler, Donald Davis, Robert Deacle, Nancy Downey, James Dunlavey, Martha Durbin, Howard Fogel, Grace Frank Dunlavey, Dorothy Freedle, Katherine Fry, Dorothy Godfrey, Evelyn Green Erb, Jess Hasenplug, Joseph Hellig, Clifford Hibshman, Vashu Hromyak, Fred Hunt, Alice Joyce, John Joyce, Jr., Peter Joyce, Anne Kirk Stanton, Thelma Koch McAninch, Anne Lally Carrol, Harold Miley, Margaret Miley Dilley, Elizabeth Mymern, Thomas Nelson, Josephine O'Hara Dempsey, Lawrence Parker, Josephine Patton Harmon, Helen Randall Black, Ruth Reichard Williams, Elizabeth Roch Cornwell, Walter Russell, Jr., Martha Schmitt Caswell, Kenneth Scott, Mary Shaffer Snyder, Ruth Taylor, Frances Vainely Welkal, Michael Walko, Robert Woods

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