Maude M. Lupher Lumbey

Maude M. Lupher Lumbey

Maude M. Lupher was from Meadville. She was a piano student and graduated from the Meadville Conservatory of Music, Allegheny College in 1898. 

Photo from the 1898 Kaldron, Allegheny College yearbook.

More information on Maud Lupher from Janice A. Frank, great niece of James Melvin Lupher:
Maud Madonna Lupher, daughter of James Melvin Lupher, 1846-1924, and Theresa C. Baker, ?-ca 1916, who were married 30 Aug 1874. James Melvin Lupher was one of the Townville Luphers and is buried in the Kingsley Cemetery at Townville. He was a physician and was always known in the family as 'Melvin'.

Maud Madonna Lupher was born abt 1880, and married Frank Lumbey.  She died in Hawthorne, CA.

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