Scott Family - Four Generations 1931

Scott Family - Four Generations 1931

Back row: Retta Scott Carr and her daughter Mildred Carr Rapp

In front: Beverly Rapp is seated on her great-grandmother's (Harriett Samantha Kennedy Scott's) lap.

Photo taken at the home of Jess and Mary Carr Scott.

Mrs. Jesse [Mary Carr] Scott entertained at a delightful surprise party, Saturday evening at her home, Ridge Avenue, in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ray [Bertha Scott] Cutler, who were celebrating their birthday anniversaries. Fifty were present and among the guests four generations were represented: Mrs. H. F. [Harriett Samantha Kennedy] Scott, Mrs. Fred [Retta Scott] Carr, Mrs. Harry [Mildred Carr] Rapp and Miss Beverly Rapp.

Cards and music formed the diversions and s sumptuous lunch was served by the hostess, who was assisted by the following: Mrs. J. H. [Margaret Miller] Scott, Mrs. Harry [Mildred Carr] Rapp, Mrs. Merle [Pansey Allison] Scott, and Mrs. James [Mattie Scott] Black. Mr. and Mrs. Cutler received some nice gifts.

The following out-of-town guests were present: Mr. and Mrs. DeWitt [Lulu Scott] Snyder of Sharon, Mr. and Mrs. William Steadman of Greenville, and Mr. and Mrs. James [Emma Scott] Dillinger of Charleston, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence [Elma Allen] Carr of West Middlesex.

Newspaper Clipping (Sharon Herald), March 1931.

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