Unknown School?

Unknown School?

This picture was in Sadie Pritchet's photo's, it had no name on it. It was from New Castle, PA


I live in New Castle and have an idea. But I will ask at the library tomorrow if you do not find out before. Maybe in the 20's. Mary

Please ask the Library and

Please ask the Library and let me know if you find out.

Thank you,


unknown school

There are two possibilities now. The Margaret Henry Home on the east side and the old Pollock (not sure of spelling) School. This exact picture did not appear in a recent publication of old schools in Lawrence County. You may want to contact the Historical Society in New Castle.

Ok I sent them an email with

Ok I sent them an email with the picture.

Thank you,


old school picture New Castle, Pa

I would like to know what you find out. MA

I will post what this is if

I will post what this is if I ever find out. So far I havent heard anything back.


It is neither...I went to Pollock Avenue school.....Margaret Henry home was on Division Street and was a large white building (more like a mansion) with a spiral enclosed fire escape.

School Photo, New Castle

Hi, I am a textile historian and from the construction of the costuming on the adults this picture was taken some time in the 1890s or very, very early in 1900.


name of school

Lincoln and Garfield school

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