Grade School Class from Allentown, Pa.

Grade School Class from Allentown, Pa.

Grade School class of all boys taken in or near Allentown, Pa. Names listed on back in difficult to decipher handwritting as follows: 1.damaged?, 2.Earl He???, 3.Clinton Achey, 4.Paul Eberly, 5.Stanley Fink, 6.Paul Kelfrich, 7.Charley Hall, 8.Lloyd Guth(?) 9.Roy Rouw?10.Allen Kartman, 11.Raymond Jacoby, 12.Harvey? Guth? 13.Stanley Saudenslager? 14.Joseph Eberley, 15.Suth Abley, 16.Halbert Me?t, 17. Jacob Bumgardner? 18.Willie Oswald, 19.Elwood Sherer? 20.Eddy Sanbrock? 21.Jacob ??carver, 22.Ralph Maberry, 23.Clarence Saudenslager?, 24.Ralph Krauss?, 25.Warren Messemer?, 26.Suther? Runkle?, 27.George Hall, 28.Charles Gilbert, 29.Stanley Yorkie?, 30.Floyd Weiss, 31.Harold Mires, 32.Crales Prader

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