Ira Myers Family


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Myers Family Ancestry

Ira and Edith were my Great Grandparents from Cherryhill township, Indiana County Pa
Ira April 5, 1882 Edith June 25, 1879
Jan 12, 1939 May 6, 1952

young boy standing behind little girl is my Grandfather Arthur Clay Myers

The young girl Roxie Elizabeth died age 4 years Feb 22, 1915
Born Jan 14, 1911. Roxie died of stomache problems

Ira , Arthur Clay, Arthur Clyde(my father) Duane Arthur my baby brother, a cousin Tommy age 21 all died early of a hereditery heart problem that is not detected by common test. Ira age 56 my father age 52.
If another family member see's this photo I'd like to share family information my e-mail is
I think it was my great uncle that originally posted this information or his son . As of 2011 most of the family mention and shown as living are no longer alive. Some information is not complete as the case of my father immediate family. Listed is his 2nd wife Freida and step daughter.

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