Old Victoria School, Butler County, PA Students 1954-55

Old Victoria School, Butler County, PA Students 1954-55

Victoria School, Center Township, Butler County, PA, grades 5th-8th, 1954-55

Front row, left to right, Bob Fulerton, Ron Sarver, Jim Mc'Cune, Plummer Hartle, Raymond Mc'Cune, Ron Bester, Dennis Shook, Joe Betro, and John Callender

Second Row, Barb Beers, Dolly Sarver, Larry Young, Dale Shook, Leonard Hovis, William Chiappini, and Chester Dellen

Third Row, Twyla Dellen, Roxie Hamilton, Janice Grippo, Shirley Kline, Janet Young, Donna Watson, and the teacher Mrs. Hilderbrand

Fourth Row, Bernice Hilliard, Loretta Otto, Shirley Bruno, Dolores Reep, and Peggy Erickson

Fifth Row, Raymond Wampler, Betty Shook, Raymond Reep, Gloria Bester, Richard Nodge, Gerald Fisher, Bob Beers, and Frank Hartle

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