Major Abraham H. Snyder


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I have a painted photo of a

I have a painted photo of a gentleman which appears to be from that era and has a resemblance to Major Abraham Snyder. On the back of the photo, written in pencil is "Majger Snyder". We think Major was miss spelled. If David would send his e-mail address to me, through Family Old Photos, I will e-mail him a copy of the picture, and the back of it. If he also believes it is Major Snyder we will gladly send him the photo. It is of no sentimental value to us, it was probably purchased at an auction by my father, for the frame.

Posted by E. Wilson (not verified) on 21 August 2008 - 11:40am
Abraham H. Snyder, Maj.

Abraham H Snyder is a 1st cousin, 4 times removed, of mine.
David and I were colaborators until his death in 2005.
I am sincerely interested in the painting you said you had [August 2008] and I'm hoping your still have the painting.
My 3rd great grandfather, Jacob 1774-1836 immigrated to Mercer county cr. 1805. Thanks, Richard

my email ""

Posted by Richard Snyder (not verified) on 24 May 2010 - 11:28am