Deborah McGrew Price

Deborah McGrew Price

DEBORAH6 MCGREW (FINLEY BLACKBURN5, SAMUEL4, NATHAN3, FINLEY2, ROBERT1) was born August 7, 1832 in Sewickley Twp Westmoreland PA./Westmoreland Co., PA, and died June 29, 1890 in Ellsworth, Hamilton Co.Iowa. She married WILLIAM MARSH PRICE December 24, 1856 in Mt Pleasant, Westmoreland PA., son of ISSAC PRICE and MARGARET MAINS. He was born June 20, 1832 in Sewickley Twp Westmoreland PA., and died August 11, 1918 in Quincy, Illinois.


i. JULIA MCGREW7 PRICE, b. October 25, 1857, Scott Haven, Westmoreland, Pa; d. 1947, Philadelphia, PA;

ii. MARGARET P. PRICE, b. August 25, 1859; d. February 18, 1864.

iii. CLARLES ELMER PRICE, b. October 26, 1861; d. February 9, 1864.

iv. CORA MAY PRICE, b. June 28, 1864; d. January 6, 1866.

v. DR. EDWIN FORREST PRICE, b. May 21, 1867; m. FLOI.

vi. WAVIE FLOY PRICE, b. February 12, 1874.

vii. JESSIE E. PRICE, b. February 7, 1877; d. January 31, 1944.

Submitted by Stephen Sheil, Great great grandson

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