German Township High School Football Team 1916

German Township High School Football Team 1916

Front Row, L to R: 'Bus Gray , Ray Show , Fab Jeffries, L. Kuhns, F____ Provence and D. Wermer.

Middle Row, L to R: Joe Baer, W. Talbott and Dick McWilliams

Back Row, L to R: T. Cavelcaute, J. Moore, Tom _____, G. Brown, Miller Smith and Pug Closey

Left pillar: Gracefull Miller

Right Pillar: Ralph E. Rudisill

Middle Back: Professor Henning

Names taken from the handwriting on the back of the photograph; some of them were hard to read. The back of the photograph also has two of the game scores:

18-0 against D.T.H.S., German lost

28-7 against B.S.H., German won!!

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