Elroy E. Cramer Family

Elroy E. Cramer Family

The family of Mr. and Mrs. Elroy E. Cramer. It was taken at a studio in New Castle, PA, in 1923.

The children in front, left to right are: Richard Cramer, David Cramer, Thomas Cramer, Thelma Cramer, Ida Marie Cramer.

First row (seated): Leonard Cramer, Sara Cramer, Elroy E. Cramer, Sue Cramer, Ida Greer Cramer, Arch Cramer, Carrie Cramer.

Second row (standing): Harry L. Lockley, Joe Lockley, Elroy Lockley, Harry W. Lockley, Mabel Cramer Lockley, Sidney Lockley, Dorothy Lockley.

All were residents of New Castle's "east side" at the time of the picture.

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