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Anna Dalrymple

William Dalrymple and Elisabeth Anderson are my 2nd great g randparents. I have a few generations further back than this if you are interested.

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Possible Family Match

My Maternal Grandfathers(Papaw) Name was Lester Francis Beattie. They lived in Chealsea Mass. My Grandfather had 2 sisters and bros #? They used to call his Grand father the Kiser He was Sottish/German the story is they are originally from Scotland but migrated to Germany unsure why. There was some one by the name of Gram Kisses I think she was my Grandfathers Grandmother.I do know that my Great Great Great Great Grandfather was the first Irish Police man on the Chealsea Police force unsure of his name or where the Irish fits in but my aunt has a picture of him and his squad. My Papaw was in the Navy and fought in the second world war he was unable to get security clearance because he had living realitives in Germany, he was also one of the first Navy Seals although they called it at the time UDT (Under Water Demolition) Team he also invented something ??? for the navigational systems for the Military. Well thats all the info for now Ido have more but its late and thinking is not at best right now. Please contact me if you think this is a possible match I am truely trying to trace my family.... This is very important to me . Thank you.

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