Leaders Club Play at Titusville High School 1917-18

Leaders Club Play at Titusville High School 1917-18

Photograph of the "Cast of Characters in Miss Hobb's Leaders Club Play" presented during the 1917-1918 school year at Titusville High School, Titusville, PA.

Some of the 1918 Titusville Graduates who were involved in the Leaders Club (and may be in the photograph):

Nina Alcorn, Glenn Anderson, John Bradley Chick, Reid Kerr, Bliss B. Mack, George M. Hummer, Kenneth G. Rowe, Chrissie Renfrew, Marjorie Mildred Mong, and Florence Gertrude McMaster.

Photo from the 1918 Optimist, Commencement Number, published by Titusville High School.

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