The Dillen Family, Julian, Pa.

The Dillen Family, Julian, Pa.

Frank Dillen is on the left, standing in the back with curly hair. To his front slightly to the left is Paul Dillon. The little girl on the right next to the little boy with the dog is Kathryn Dillen. Julian, Centre Co. Pa.

Dillen Photos

Thanks for posting these photos!! I'm a Centre County Dillon and no doubt related to the people in your pictures. It would be nice to learn more about them -- possible to email me directly?

Dillen Family Photo

I would appreciate your correspondence. Of my Dillen family, I know very little. Please tell me how you are related? Thanks for your reply, Nina, Bisbee, Arizona

Elias Winfield Dillon

I don't think that your Dillen/Dillon is related to my Dillon's. Mine were in Jefferson, Iowa and last known whereabouts was somewhere in Kansas. One of his daughter's was my grandmother Minnie Isabelle Dillon, and she ended up in Boulder, Colorado with some of her sibling's and died of T.B. also in Boulder at a very young age leaving a young son, John, my father at age 4.

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