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Barlett Family Reunion early 1900s Clarion PA

Barlett Family Reunion early 1900s Clarion PA

In the photograph: Isaac Markley, Gertrude James, Charles Bolich, Ralph Bolich, Roy Rock, William Hannon, Harry Rock, wife of Harry Barlet, Lilly Rock, Mayme Bolich, Mary Bolich, Mary Barlett, Clayton Barlett, Eva Rock, Harry Barlett son of JHB, Hazel Bolich, Maggie Barlet Acker, Emma Barl Rock, Suvilla Barlett wife of Nathan B Kath, Tobias Barlet, mother of Harwin B, wife of Grant Barlett, Frank Acker husband of Maggie, Henry Rock husband of Emma John, Henry Barlet father of Harwin Barlet, Grant Barlett son of Nathan, Nancy Bolich Dobb, Jennie Rock Markley, Etta Rock Horner, Edna Bolich, Ruth Barlet, Ralph Rock, Nora Markley, Robert Hannon, Allen Rock

Submitted by C Barry (Barlett) Wetherington

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