J. Fred Ostrum family 1946

J. Fred Ostrum family 1946

J. Fred Ostrum family of Cameron County, PA. Photo taken in 1946 after 4 sons had returned home from WWII.

This picture was taken at West Creek Road about 1946.

Front row, left to right: Rose Ostrum Griffith Sept 3, 1915-June 16, 1978; Mother, Violet Barr Ostrum, Jan 21, 1893-Aug 31, 1985; Father, J. Fred Ostrum, Jan 23, 1883-My 5, 1964; Gladys Ostrum Miller, June 1, 1918; Grandmother, Alzina Garrison Ostrum in wheel chair, Apr 16, 1862-Nov 25, 1949.

Back row, left to right, Melvin Fred Ostrum, Dec 17, 1916; Robert E. Ostrum; R. Keith Ostrum, Samuel E. Ostrum, Dec 9, 1927-May 19, 1998, Kenneth L. Ostrum.

All but Grandma Alzina worked at Sylvania, Emporium, PA.

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