Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA Baseball Team 1922

Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA Baseball Team 1922

Players (in alphabetical order): Millard Baker, Gerald Burger, Regis Berger (or Burger), Austin Cochrane, Robert Ebitz, Paul Higgins, Arthur Hoffman, Howard McCaw, James Rooney, Alf Schmidt, John Stoltz, William Titzel, Charles Van Horn, Edward Wittmer

Front row, left to right: Coach Harrison R. Briggs. The rest of the row possibly - Arthur Hoffman, Alf Schmidt, Regis Burger, Austin Cochrane. They were all seniors in 1922.

Second row, second from left: Robert Ebitz, also a senior.

The names of the two managers in suits are unknown.

Photo from the June 1922 Wah Hoo Commencement Issue publication of Allegheny High School

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