Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA Band 1922

Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA Band 1922

Band Members during the 1921-22 school year:

Director - Robert E. Blakeslee

Managers - Robert C. Dixon and Harold Morewood

Cornets - Keith Wildeson, Carl Dawson, Harry Scarlatta, Edwin Ellis, Joseph Jarvis, Samuel Lichter, Charles Low, John Thomas, William Wiegman

B Flat Tenor Saxophones - Edward Keil, Charles Berg, George Hawk, William Dietrich

C. Melody Saxophones - Walter Scott, Maurice Bigelow, Carl Volkwein, Eldred Yochem

Alto Saxophones - Robert Dixon, Harold Stranger

Baritones - Stanley Dodsworth, Kenneth Baird

Altos - Earnest Sevcick, James McDonough, Ross Buck, Gilbert Sarver

A 1 Clarinets - Alvin Rudert, John Jackson, Charles Herpich, Ralph Ramacciotta, Maurie Cuda, Julius Harris

Drums - Lyman Thompson, Harry Morrison, Robert Dell, Oran Weiman, Francis Elia

Cymbals - Edward Downes

Trombones - Jacob Hill, Thomas West, Harry Moreth, Ralph Weler

Tubas - Harold Morewood, William Martin

Piccolo - Mark Ray

Flute - John Rathgeber

Photo from the 1922 Wahoo Commencement Issue of Allegheny High School, Allegheny, PA

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