Erie, PA High School Faculty 1916

Erie, PA High School Faculty 1916

Faculty at Erie High School in June 1916.

The instructors, listed in alphabetical order - -

Charles L. Arnold, G. Pearl Badger, Jessie M. Berst, Ross E. Bowers, Marion Bryce, Florence Burger, Kathryn D. Cantlon, Frank T. Chamberlain, Faye S. Cleveland, Johanna Connell, Walter H. Detmers, William E. Dimorier, Beatrice R. Edmonds, Elizabeth Fassett, Charles A. Fisher, Elmer G. Frail,

Alice E. Gaggin, Gertrude H. Gaggin, Mary Gillespie, Roy B. Graves, G.G. Von Der Groeben, Cora Emma Haller, Florence E. Hay, Hazel Hedges, Edith E. Hirt, E. C. Houser, Margaretta C. Jones, Carrie Hart Kendall, Florence Chase Lamb, Jessie C. Leigh, Ruth S. Maclure, Alice M. Mehnert, Martha B. Mong, George O. Moore, Mabel J. Moorhead, Edgar S. Morris, Guy Morrison, Melvin E. Morse,

F.O. Pinks, M. Frances Pinney, Carl C. Rader, Christine V. Randall, Harold M. Schabacker, Hattie M. Schabacker, Anna G. Sheehan, Gladys E. Short, Cora A. Smith, Harry E. Stone, R.R. Stuart, Mary L. Supplee, Carter W. Trow, G.E. Wallace, W.V. Zahniser.

Photo from the June 1916 Spokesman, published by Erie High School.

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